Memories of our Future

Because here’s the ultimate point: The brain of every single person around you right now is in complete survival mode, reacting to uncertainty and brimming with anxiety. But what if we could tap into our best memories right now and intentionally give that same level of care and love to the people in our lives. What if we could use our own experiences as a roadmap towards easing the anxiety of those around us?

Holy Week was a Political Action for the Common Good

The early movement of Christianity was radical, gritty, overtly political, and fueled by love in the public realm – and all of it was made possible through Jesus’ death and resurrection. He overcame the powers of death and injustice and empowered His followers to live out this radical message of liberating shalom (The Kingdom of God) in every local municipality in the world.

The Prophet the World Needs: Why the Church Needs to be More than Just a Comfort

The church is so good at filling its calendars with Bible studies and get-togethers. With gatherings and readings and meals and parties- but isn’t the purpose of the church to change the world? To bring shalom? We so consistently and disproportionately spend our time and resources on building the inner life of the church. On building up the inner life of the individual, and doing Bible studies on “living your life to the fullest” while the world is on fire, kids are living in cages, bombs are ripping into flesh, your next-door neighbor is drowning in medical debt, and the economy has exploited nearly every last thread of dignity from our lives.

The Crisis of the American Church: Being undone and Finding our True Self

I believe what we are seeing is the church’s true self is raging, and in a desperate effort for freedom has engaged in self-sabotage. What the church has built over the past few centuries can no longer stand. The false self must burn, and that process feels exactly like that: a destructive fire. Yes, it’s uncomfortable to watch and even more difficult to be in.

Is the Church Broken? How Sharing a Table Could Rescue Us…

Just think about it…What institution is more unapologetically blatant than the church about determining who gets to be a part and who doesn’t? Who can lead and who can’t? We are pulling chairs away from our table and curating our guest lists so the only folks that are invited are just “like us”. The church was designed to be the solution to division, not a shining example of it. We have become the enemy that we were meant to transform.

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